Hope you are your family had a wonderful Easter!

I wonder what Jesus was thinking when his spirit reunited with his body in the tomb? Relief that it was over? Hopeful that we would appreciate his sacrifice?

The daily trials that we face are in no comparison to the pain, humiliation and anguish that Jesus was subjected to for our sins. You haven’t resisted until blood begin to leak from your pores, but you probably have cried from the pressure. You didn’t carry a heavy cross, being tortured the entire way, but you probably have climbed mountains, with doubts swimming around down below. Nevertheless, we can still model our abilities to push through tribulations after Jesus’ unrelenting love for us.

Jesus rose again…walked again…loved again…prayed again. Those are the only four things that God asks of every day, to raise up with smiles on our faces, walk with proud in our steps, love Him and our neighbors and to pray continuously.

Every morning you get have the chance to awake and abandon the tombs that attempt to destroy you. If Jesus could do it, so can you J!

Until Thursday,

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  1. Yes, I couldn’t have said it better myself! <3

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