At the Table

Happy Last Sunday in September!

“What do you bring to the table?”

One could make the argument that no interview or application would be complete without professing your worth.

Tables are huge fixtures in our lives. We work on them, eat on them, put feet on them and store things on them. In short, we can depend on tables to be well, tables. They have four legs, a flat top and space for chairs to slide underneath. If we place a magazine or cup of tea on a table and leave, we can be sure that those items will there upon our return.

For better or worse, 2020 has been a relatively stable year of surprises. We have not had the opportunity to become comfortable because things keep happening. In the same vein as a table, we can depend on 2020 to continue keeping us on our toes.

“What do you bring to the table of 2020?”

Isn’t is a new twist to an overused question?!

Every day that we wake up, we make a conscious choice to sit at the table of 2020. So what do we bring? Tranquility or fear? Joy or despair? Anxiousness or calmness? Peacefulness or madness? Essentially, the table of 2020 is set. Although we can pray, trust God and walk by faith, we cannot deny reality. However, living in this world does not equate to accepting reality or the world’s way of coping. This is where the power of our choice comes in, to set the tone of our lives and what our experiences in this world will be.

With 95 days left in 2020 including an election and three holidays, more surprises are sure to come. At the table of 2020, the unpredictable can be predicted and the unexpected is expected. Sounds a lot like how God wants us to view Him, unlimited in power and omniscient in scope because at table of God, anything can happen and the impossible is possible…in any year, at any time!

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