Appearances sure can be deceiving—for better or worse! From the seemingly standoffish person who later warms up to the drool-worthy food that turn out to be shadows of what was expected, our eyes and preconceived notions of things are often proven to be false.

“Come now and let’s deliberate over the next steps to take together. Yahweh promises you over and over: “Though your sins stain you like scarlet*, I will whiten them like bright, new-fallen snow! Even though they are deep red like crimson, they will be made white like wool!””

Isaiah 1:18 TPT

*BibleGateway has an interesting note on the word scarlet: “The Hebrew for “scarlet” is taken from a root word for “double (dyed)” or “twice (dipped in scarlet dye),” making a permanent color”. As I think about our sins, the damnation of humanity and how desolate our lives looked before Jesus paid the price, my mind sees parallels with our current situation. Just as we were without hope and no solution, life as we know it right now, appears to be without hope and a solution. Yet, God created and sent Jesus to atone and eternally save us…an unfathomable solution!

I read online that these past 6 months have felt much longer because so much has happened and I agree. Some days, I ask questions, “How much more hurt will be inflicted?”, “How much more harm will be felt?”, “How much more hate will be spewed?”, “How much more health will be lost?” And to all those questions, I have no answers, but every day is one day closer to us experiencing an unfathomable solution, one day less that things will remain the same.

All of humanity, billions of people (including those that have lived, are living and will live on earth) going to hell was a much, much, much more dire circumstance than political, racial & social tensions and COVID-19 combined. Yet, God had a solution for us then, making the permanent discoloration in us, white as snow and also has one for us now, turning satan’s evil intentions around for His Glory!

When we are unable to make sense of things, we can be sure that God does and in Him, is where He wants us to be. With God, peace to cope and wisdom for change are gifted to us!

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