aplomb & AD turns 3!

¡Feliz tercer cumpleaños a Anomalous Darlings y gracias para y su apoyo! (Happy Third Birthday to Anomalous Darlings and thank you for your support!)

I found Dictionary.com‘s word of the day for October 13, aplomb, to be extremely relevant to today’s occasion. Aplomb is defined as “imperturbable self-possession, poise, or assurance”.

The last three years has been quite a journey for AD and I! People have come and left. Grass have sprouted and withered. Situations have arisen and fallen. Flowers have bloomed and faded. Yet through of all, God has remained faithful, Isaiah 40:8.

When I started AD, I didn’t know what I was doing and although I have learned over the years, I am still nothing without Him. He has walked with me through the highest of highs and lowest of lows. He has graced me and continues to grace me, to follow in the path that He chose me for.

You may not have the support from family and friends when you step out on faith. You may not have all the answers and skill sets that you need when you step out on faith. And that’s okay, because a ‘resistant confidence’ (aplomb), that stands strong in the face of adversity and hurt, washes over your life, when you operate in God’s purpose.

Aplomb is not a feeling, but a tool to continuously act on and a thought to forever fix your mind on.

¡Salud a muchos más anos de Anomalous Darlings y el trabajo de Dios! (Cheers to many more years of Anomalous Darlings and the work of God!)

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