Anomalous Darlings Housekeeping

As AD grows and expands, thanks to your constant support, I will be posting Anomalous Darlings Housekeeping posts to keep you in the loop!

Officially I am announcing that Sunday afternoons and Thursday mornings will be AD’s dedicated days for new posts. However, there will be quotes and bible verses on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Links to AD social media are under the “Connect” tab. Also, please subscribe to Anomalous Darlings and have the posts delivered to your email! Below are directions, as the set up is different depending on whether you are using a desktop or mobile device.

  • Desktop Users
    • “Connect” (underlined in pink) is at the top left of the page when you scroll up
    • fullsizerender-4
    • The email subscription window is along the right hand side of the page, when you scroll up and down the page
    • fullsizerender-5


  • Mobile Device Users
    • “Connect” (underlined in pink) comes into view after scrolling up to the top of the page and clicking the three little bars in the upper left corner
    • fullsizerender-3
    • The email subscription window is at the very bottom of the page, when you are scrolling down
    • fullsizerender-2


And if you are already subscribed and interactive with Anomalous Darlings…then thank you for continued support!

Until Sunday,



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