And Now I See

Last week, I went through the archives of AD, rereading some of my older posts. Looking back at where we have been and how God has remained faithful can be encouraging when our present life is chaotic. One post in particular, Despondency, from 2019, stood out to me.

I remember the Sunday night that I wrote Despondency as though it happened yesterday, even though it was more than 2 years ago during my freshman year. Interestingly enough, as I thought about my current life, I felt a sense of déjà vu. God was showing me that what I was going through was no different than what He had already brought me through before. The difference between now and 2019 was that I was leaning more on Him, instead of myself.

“He showed Moses His ways; He allowed His people Israel to see His wonders and acts of power.


Experiencing a pattern of events in our lives is not a coincidence. Although God is not testing us, He is able to use these reoccurring circumstances to reveal things to us. Situations never disappear in life until they are properly dealt with, and if not resolved, they just keep reappearing.

God keeps excellent records about our past, not to condemn us but to make sure we continue to move forward and not back 🙂

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