An Unregulated Praise 

Yay! Today is Thursday and the plot of Anomalous Darlings thickens…

Highways, prescription medication and laws serve to regulate the general public. Regulation is critical to maintaining order and safety in this temporary home of ours. Although we live in a world full of restrictions, our praise for God should not be one of them.

Over the years I have said, “Once I get to Middle School, life will be better.”. And when I got to Middle School and realized the contrary to be true, my tune soon changed to, “Once I get to High School, life will be better.”. I was stuck in a cycle of putting stipulations on my life, that soon trickled into my view of God.

However, I had the most profound epiphany of my life this week…that my praise for God should be unregulated. Unregulated in the fact, that I still raise my hands and sing of His goodness despite the gloom I may see. Unregulated in the sense, that I refuse to let terminal objects jeopardize my eternal relationship with my Maker. Unregulated to the point that I can have the worst day yet, and still thank God for gracing me with breathe.

In our adoration of God there is unshakeable joy and peace, because He stands true to His promises. Knowing that God has plans of prosperity for my life sustains me on days, when I cannot seem to swim my way through piles of obligations or challenges.

When we live a life of praise and gratitude, unfavorable circumstances will not shake us because we are rooted in God’s faithfulness.

The best is truly yet to come for you…I am believing, praying and confessing it!


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