an increase of faith

We are halfway through May, yay!

Pain and patience, those would be two teachers that I have learned from during this pandemic. Pain, in the way that it is hard to see life as we know it change but patience in the vein that we know this pandemic is only for a season.

In my personal life, the demands on my faith have been raised to new heights. While I was waiting on Zeteo (my car), I test drove cars like her and searched online. When I was trusting God to get into college, I went on college tours and talked to current students. In those seasons of waiting in life, I had tangibles to hang my faith on…I knew what I wanted and I could physically see it with my own eyes. Now the stakes are a bit higher. Unlike a car, I don’t have a name, age or any details about my future husband. And it’s difficult to talk to people in my desired future career when I still figuring out what that career might be.

From a international standpoint, we are all depending on an intangible hope that the better days are ahead of us. We don’t know how or when this pandemic will be resolved, whether via a vaccine in the coming months or something else that isn’t even known to men yet.

When the going gets tough, it is a choice to either grow, through patience or be in woe, through pain. This week, when I found myself in a place of woe and pain, God gave my spirit this, “You can make the best out of this situation or it will make the worst out of you.” The circumstance, the need, the desire etc. is here but how will you respond?

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