Alter Ego

Alter Ego

Happy November 1st! My name is Vivian and these are my confessions: 1) I played my first Christmas song today and 2) I have an alter ego named Bijoü Arkeó.

I wonder if parents consider this fact when they choose to name their children outrageous names like Tornado or Mania? Yet, sixteen years later when their now teenager is destroying everything in sight, it raises the question of how powerful names can be.

God knew this too, dating all the way back to The Old Testament with Abraham and Sarah.

“To symbolize your foundational role in this covenant, I hereby change your name. You will no longer go by the name “Abram.” Your new name will be “Abraham,” which means “father of a great multitude of nations,” because that is exactly what I will make of you. (continuing to Abraham) As for Sarai, your wife, the covenant applies to her as well. No longer will she be known as Sarai; her new name will be Sarah.” Genesis 17:6, 15 VOICE

However, the sovereign nature of God allows us to also rename ourselves, as exercised by Naomi.

“Naomi: Do not call me Naomi ever again, for I am no longer pleasant. Call me Mara instead, for I am filled with bitterness because the Highest One has treated me bitterly.” Ruth 1:20 VOICE

Bijoü is defined by Merriam Webster as a jewel, whereas Arkeó is a Greek word that when translated by Bible Study Tools means “to be contented”. Altogether, Bijoü Arkeó is a jewel who is content in her identity through Christ. She is the person that I know God created me to be and that I everyday aspire to be more like. She’s confident and completely dependent on God, never considering a backup option because He is her only plan.

You don’t have to geek out and develop a spiritual alter ego for yourself like I did, but the point here is to be conscientious of the names that you call yourself (and other people). There is confessional power in the words we speak and think!

Rule of thumb: if Jesus, who died for you, wouldn’t call you by that name, then you probably shouldn’t either J.

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