All of Me

Thanks for celebrating 3 months with AD on Friday! It has been such a journey that I am excited to experience with you!

Imagine this: You are at a grocery store. You have a long shopping list full of things you need and don’t need. You make your way through the store and finally arrive at the cash register. The cashier rings up everything in your cart and you pay, but then the cashier informs you that you can only take a few items out of the store. You then realize that you did not pay the bill in full, and therefore could only receive what you paid for.

Life and our relationship with God is similar to an everyday grocery experience. We often make multiple requests to God, but like in the scenario we only receive a few. Our requests to God are like a grocery list, in which there are things we need and don’t need. Our fellowship and time with God is like money in a store.

God will grant us both our needs and wants, if we give ourselves fully to Him. We can’t give partial time with God and expect full-time results. Just like we can’t go into a grocery store and pay half the bill and expect to take home all of the purchases.

God is an “All of Me” God, not a “Half or Fraction of Me” God. Although we will never be able to trust God perfectly, we can strive to give more and more of ourselves to Him on a daily basis.

How much of “you” does God have?

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