Happy 2nd Anniversary to Anomalous Darlings! I want to thank each and everyone of you for all your support! Your names may not be known to me, but they are to God and Him knowing is what is most important…

The quickest way to extinguish a fire is to cut off the oxygen supply. Science classes are famous for illustrating this phenomenon by lighting a candle and then placing a glass over that candle. The flame subsequently dies out as the fire consumes the limited supply of oxygen within the glass. Candles can only burn as bright as the oxygen they are surrounded by.

Eternal One (to Moses and Aaron): Reach into the furnace and grab handfuls of ashes. Moses, throw these ashes up into the air—right in front of Pharaoh. It will turn into a fine dust that will cover all the land of Egypt and cause painful abscesses to break out on people and animals throughout the land of Egypt.” -Exodus 9:8-9 VOICE

In this verse, God is giving instructions to Moses and Aaron on what to do while in Pharaoh’s presence. Succeeding the frog plague and preceding the lice plague was the plague of abscesses, in which Pharaoh was still refusing to let the Israelites go.

Oxygen is life and ashes are death. The air we surround our spirits in will determine whether the fire Jesus put in our hearts is sustained or smothered. The air we immerse our spirits in will determine whether God’s Love in us is healthy or diseased with boils. It’s never too late for us to undergo thought purification in our lives. Everyday is a chance to pull up the weeds, that are stealing our O2 and throw out the cinders of past hurts.

You are your thoughts and your thoughts, are the type of air you breathe…

P.S. We can thank Hurricane Michael for this idyllic candle picture! 95% of the area I live in lost power due to the winds and rains, hence why AD’s Thursday post was not updated. Although I am grateful that power is the only thing that my family and I temporarily lost in the storm, my prayers go out to those that permanently lost much more.

Until Thursday,


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  1. Grateful to have been reading through your journey! Here’s to many more years!

    1. Aww thanks, Heather! I’m grateful to have people like you with me on this journey. Yes, here’s to many more years for both Anomalous Darlings and Joining the Human Race 🙂

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