A Sincere Goodbye

3 months ago today, I started this journey and was just a little more than a novice! Thanks for being patient with and supportive of Anomalous Darlings and I! AD wouldn’t be much if it wasn’t for you…

In December, I was on Facebook and I stumbled upon an article on The Daily Positive and was so intrigued by the one that I read, that I continued to poke around and see what else was on the website. Make a long story short, The Daily Positive was asking for Goodbye 2016 letters, in which they asked people to write a letter to whatever (or whoever) they were behind leaving in 2016.

I submitted my letter and to my surprise I was chosen, along with some other great submissions. Honesty is my number one pet peeve and for years I demanded it from and gave it to everyone else…except myself.

You can read my Goodbye Letter if you click here, and then scroll towards the bottom of the list of letters. My letter is titled, “Dear Insecurity,”.

Being vulnerable is not always easy, but in the end it is always worth it…we owe it to ourselves and those who love us! 2017 is a year to be honest and leave the baggage behind, so we can fly freely through God’s sky!

Until Sunday,


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  1. […] up, I will put myself out there…I struggle with worry and self-esteem issues. When I wrote my goodbye letter, a lot of my family and acquaintances were pretty shocked. 1 Peter 5:9, is one of my favorite Bible […]

  2. What an incredible, powerful letter!

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