A Door that Almost Remained Closed

Welcome to Anomalous Darlings…The Official Launch Day is HERE! Words cannot express the joy and butterflies I feel, as I launch  Anomalous Darlings, which is so close to my heart.

At this point I am supposed to write about how I knew blogging was my destiny from the day God impressed Anomalous Darlings on my heart. But, truthfully there was almost never an “Anomalous Darlings”.

1 year ago

I initially came up with the name “Anomalous Darlings” in October of last year and I shrugged off the thought of blogging because of the normal excuse, “It is not the right time.” The word, “Darling”, has always been a favorite word of mine after reading Solomon 4:7, and “Anomalous” came from my constant meddling in dictionaries. I found the name interesting, but I knew in my heart that there was no way I could juggle school and a blog. I thought to myself, when I am older and have more time, I can start Anomalous Darlings.

And so “Anomalous Darlings” sat dormant as an email address for 9 months, while God waited on me to step out on faith and listen to His voice.

3 months ago

This past summer I attended an agricultural camp, and during that camp a few entrepreneurs talked to us about their new start-up companies that were involved in packaging/using North Carolina grown produce. It was so inspiring, and life changing as I thought, “If other people can make their dreams reality than why can’t I.” That was in July of this year, and with the nudging of my family, friends, and a teacher…I officially gave Anomalous Darlings a home on WordPress.

2 weeks ago

With under a month left before the official launch, I drew out the official logo, and began telling those around me to visit the website as it was open. I started going through my checklist of what needed to be done before October 13, and rewriting posts that I had initially thought were stellar. Besides being nervous, I was excited to tell my story and finally turn a future goal into a present reality.

1 week ago

Thanks to my sister and unexpected rain, I caught a cold that lasted 2 weeks. I was going through a box of Kleenex every 2 days, and feeling the heat of exams and writing assignments. My immune system was viciously fighting a bacteria, while I was struggling to keep my head above an ocean full of schoolwork. I was stressed, and I began to wonder how I could run a blog, keep great grades and maintain my sanity.

I constantly was faced with question of “Do I open the door of unknown and trust God with my destiny?”, especially when I couldn’t see my way through this uncharted territory.

If your dreams will benefit others and make the world a better place, I am positive that God is speaking to your heart and anything to the contrary, is just a distraction to cloud your vision.

Later never comes, and there is no better time to act than NOW. Don’t let precious time pass you by, like it did me, before you finally open the door that God created you to walk through.




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