A Dichotomous Person

Back in February, I wrote a poem called, A Dichotomous Person, and submitted it to my university’s spring magazine. In March, I was notified that A Dichotomous Person was accepted, and that the magazine would mail out this summer. Fast forward to July, I had (almost) forgot about the magazine and was shocked to receive it yesterday!

Since I share my lows here on AD, I figured it would only be fitting to share my highs too :).

A Dichotomous Person

I’m different.
No really, different.
No better than any of the other
8 million people on this earth
Yet extremely complex in nature

On the outside
By all accounts,
I’m your typical female
Clad in rosy pinks and pale hues
Yet there’s a contradictory veneer
That blankets my entire being
Interests that go beyond baking
A love for burgundies and blacks

On the inside
By my own account,
I seem to be normal
Always smiling and assuming the best
Yet there’s juxtaposition within
Between positive and negative thoughts
Self-love and self-pity
A disdain for imperfection

The challenge of being a dichotomous person?
Finding people to appreciate that dichotomy.
Who don’t anchor your life to a box,
and attempt to tape it tight.
Who remind you, that you,
just as you are, does suffice.

I believe there is a little dichotomy in us all, making us unique!

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