2021: The Year of Attraction

We made it to 2021, another year that God has gifted us!

I had a wonderful end to 2020, reflecting on myself, counting my blessings and trusting God. I didn’t get all the answers that I was looking for from God during the AD hiatus but I’m sure that was by His Design. I like to know everything, being in control and God is teaching me to rely on Him more. I did starting writing again (outside of AD and journals) and doing yoga, plus I enjoyed sleeping in. I also picked up an interest for photography and got a new toy, so keep an eye out for my beginner photography skills! 😉

I believe that in life, there are no coincidences, just perfect planning by God. So, when the word “attract” crossed my paths three times, from three different, non-affiliated platforms, I knew that God was up to something.

When “attraction” comes to mind, many of us think of romantic situations or possibly the TV show, Fatal Attraction but “attraction”. However, attraction is much more than romantic, it is also spiritual. And as I pondered this idea of spiritual attraction, God brought the story of Elisha and the Widow with jars of oil to mind.

Borrow as many large empty containers as you can. Ask neighbors for anything they can give to you. Be sure to collect a lot of them. Then enclose yourself in a room with only you and your sons. Pour oil into as many of the containers as you can. Set aside the full ones.”

2 Kings 4:3-4 VOICE

Elisha gave the widow two instructions: 1) borrow as many large jars as possible and 2) enclose herself in a room with only herself and her sons. The first instruction beckoned the woman to step out in faith. However, the second instruction was a warning about spiritual attraction. Her neighbors and the rest of the town likely lacked faith and the spiritual capacity needed to fill those jars with oil. For this reason, the woman and her sons needed to alone, without negativity and naysaying.

Faith is the force of belief, while attraction is the force of things drawing near. Faith is the seed’s action, while attraction is seed’s environment.

In this year, 2021, we should not only keep the faith, but also prepare our Spirits to receive the things that we are believing for. When Jesus died, he ensured that God’s good gifts would always be abundantly available to us. All we have to do is invoke our faith and prime our Spirits to welcome those good (and free) gifts!

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