2018: A Year of Surety

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Happy New Year, 2018 is going to be an awesome year! I’m excited and you should be too, regardless of how things look or feel…

I would consider myself fairly intelligent, with a moderate level of knowledge. There are a lot of things that I know, like my ABC’s/123’s, multiplication/division/addition/subtraction tables, that science alleges my closest genetic relative to be a monkey and that God’s Word remains through it all. Now, how much of my knowledge am I sure of? Well, let’s see…

The numeric and alphabetic systems were created by man, so their reliability is questionable. Mathematical orders of operations are only accomplished through the means of numeric systems, making me a bit skeptical of their accuracy. And science, a branch of knowledge that hinges soley on the oscillation of “newfound research” is definitely not something I would depend on. Give it another 50 years and some great someone will be saying, “The earth isn’t flat or round…it’s trapezoidal!”.

Now, I’m all for education, hence why I will be back in school next Monday (and at least another 4 years after that)! However, there is a significant difference between knowing something and being sure of it.  I would bet that every Christian knows that Jesus died so that they could have a peaceful and prosperous life, but how many are sure…without a shadow of doubt.

I tried to fly in 2017, spread my wings and reach beyond the skies, but the wind got caught in wings, because I was unsure of my purpose and God’s promise of provision. The rain weighed me down, as I ducked for cover during the storm, because I was unsure of my freedom and identity. My wings and body were weak because I was unsure of whether to cope with 1 Corinthians 13 or cupcakes.

My prayer is that 2018 will be a year of complete surety for you and your life! When the test reads failure, you can be sure that God has already made you a winner. When life says broken, you can be sure that Jesus died for your wholeness. Even Satan himself is sure that while his end is total disaster, your is total victory both in heaven and on earth!

2018: A Year of Surety…still a year to fly

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