2017: A Year to Fly

Happy New Year!

Last year my family and I spent Thanksgiving on a Disney Cruise. The picture above was taken while we were in the Bahamas! The thing that resonates with me the most about that particular vacation was how at peace I was. I felt like I could accomplish anything and do everything I set my mind to do.

Most of us would love to live life on an island or mountain, completely free of worries and responsibilities. But, life often does not work like that. However, life for us as God’s children can be exactly that! God never asked us to carry our burdens, stress, sickness, lack etc. Instead He commanded us to cast them all on Him, 1 Peter 5:7.

In this new year, we should work on casting off the things that hold us down. It may be a dead relationship, a challenging colleague/peer, regret or even an entirely different scenario. We will never see a hummingbird flying around with a sack of seeds and water. Why? Because God provides for their needs, Matthew 6:26, just like He will do the same for us. Whatever the situation may be, it has no bounds on our lives unless we authorize it.

I believe this is a year for us to fly and deauthorize things in our lives that Jesus has already set us free from. We can truly live like we are on vacation everyday, chirp like songbirds and have a carefree life, when we redeem the freedom that Jesus died to obtain.

I pray that 2017 will be the best year yet, for you, your family, your dreams and your aspirations. Thanks for joining Anomalous Darlings for what will be another year of God’s great works!

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