13 Reasons to be Grateful

“This is the day that Adonai has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!”

Psalm 118:24 VOICE

Happy Sunday the 13th!

A pet peeve of mine is the notion of “cursed days”. I don’t believe that God designated certain days to be bad and cursed; every day is good and blessed day. With that being said, I celebrate the 13th of every month, regardless of the 13th falls on a Friday or not. I’ve been doing this since I was in high school and it really has changed my life. Not only is the 13th a marker for me to evaluate my progress from month to month but it is also a source of encouragement, something that I look forward to. You never know how something small could bring positivity and peace to your life! So, this 13th, I figured I’d write out 13 things that I am grateful for and that are blessings from God.

  1. Relationship w/ God
  2. Salvation & Life
  3. Family
  4. Health
  5. Shelter & Food
  6. Peace
  7. Joy
  8. Freedom to worship
  9. Freedom of choice
  10. Opportunity for Education
  11. Clean drinking water
  12. Access to Technology
  13. AD’s family of readers…you!

(I saved the best for last! ❤️)

If you made a list, what would be on it? If you’re reading this then you got #12. If you do not have #1 and #2, they are readily available to you, free of charge or any other qualifications. Three so far, and I am sure that you will see many, many more gifts from God in your life if you look around…

Weekend Wellness Tip

Until Midweek Musings,

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